Rehabilitation Tennis / Golfers Elbow Release

Tennis Elbow / Golfers Elbow release (Open and Arthroscopic)

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Indications:  Refractory tennis or golfers elbow not relieved by physiotherapy or PRP injection.


Immediately post op.

Full active ROM into elbow flexion/ extension/ supination/ pronation,

Full active wrist flexion / extension within comfort, should only feel a mild stretch at the end of range.

Bandage can be taken down after 48 hours

2/52 -6/52

Elbow strengthening into flexion / extension

Graduated resistance programme for wrist extension / flexion. All exercises should be in pain free ROM with good quality movement and muscle activation, (remembering mid prone position)

♣ Eccentric protocol initially

♣ Progress to concentric loading

Graduated strengthening program into pronation

Ensure adequate pain control

6/52 +

Increase heavy loading >2-3kg


2/52     Return to work for sedentary / low manual jobs

6/52     Full ROM wrist and elbow

2-6/52  Driving dependent on pain levels and ROM

6/52     Return to work for manual jobs

6/52     Swimming any stroke

3/12     Racquet sports